Kartika Purnima celebrated across Odisha, Devotees observe Boita bandana ritual

Bhubaneswar: Citizens of Odisha have celebrated Kartika Purnima on the last day of Holy month Kartik today. On the occasion of Kartika Purnima, the Boit Bandana ritual has also been observed in different parts of the state. In this ritual, people float various handmade boats in the water bodies including ponds, and rivers.

The Boita Bandana ritual is being observed in various water bodies after a gap of two years due to Covid-19 pandemic. The Boita Bandana ritual is celebrated in memory of our ancestors who leaves on a journey to distant countries for trade on ships.In memory of their glorious legacy, the festival of Boita Bandana is celebrated today.

Hundreds of devotees thronged to the Bindu Sagar in Bhubaneswar for boita bandana.

The people floated the boat in the morning while singing the traditional ‘Aka Ma Boi’ song. This is a prayer to keep the mariners safe during their voyage with the blessings earned during the holy month of Kartika. With this Boita Bandana utsav, the holy month of Kartika comes to an end.

The lunar eclipse will also be seen today.

On the other hand, the holy trinity will give darshan to devotees in ‘Suna besha’ on the last day of Panchuka which is also Kartika Purnima. Lord Jagannath and siblings will be seen in ‘Sunabesha’ or Rajadhiraj besha. The holy trinity was adorned in ‘Suna besha’ at 2:50 pm yesterday. The public darshan began after Vogamandap ritual ended at 5:40am.
Devotees are entering to the temple through the Singh dwara of the temple. Darshan will continue till 2 pm. The various Nitikanti of the Lords will begin after 2.38 pm. Lakhs of devotees have come to Puri to take the blessings of Lord Jagannath on Kartika Purnima.

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