‘Kaliyadalan Ekadasi’, ‘Dhenukasura Badha Prastaba’ observed in Puri Srimandira in Odisha

Puri: The ‘Kaliyadalana Ekadashi’ and ‘Dhenukasura Badha Prastaba’ rituals cum festivals were held in Srimandira, the Lord Jagannath temple of Puri in Odisha on Thursday on the occasion of the auspicious Bhadraba Krushna Ekadashi Tithi or the eleventh day of the dark fortnight of the Bhadraba month.

On this occasion, after completion of Madhyanha Dhupa the idols of Ramakrushna and Madanamohana were carried to Labanikhia near Lokanath Road in a palanquin.

After the Bandapana ritual and Sara Labani Bhoga there, the idols were graced to the Markandeya Pushkarinee and the Kaliyadalana leela was observe there.

Then, following the bahuda Bije ritual, the Kaliyadalan besha of the deities was conducted.

Later, following the completion of the Sandhya Dhupa ritual, the Dhenukasura Badha Prastaba ritual was conducted by the Kundhaibenta Sahi.

Rituals of Lord Jagannath are unique. “The ritual system or Niti of Lord Jagannath is very elaborate, spreading over 118 categories of Sevayats or servitors throughout the year to perform their specified Seva according to turn. The Niti or the ritual system is so much interlinked with each other that unless a particular serive is performed, the next service cannot take place,” writes Sarat Chandra Mohapatra in ‘The Ritual System’ of the July 2013 Odisha Review.

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