Journalist Abused and Heckled by Police in Odisha’s Malkangiri

Kalimela: A journalist has been reportedly abused and heckled by police in Kalimela area of Malkangiri. The incident has been reported from M.V-79.

Since there was a scarcity of asks in the area, a youth club was making and distributing them to poor people.

This was telecast by various media houses. The officer of M.V-79 police station called this group to meet him.

But on reaching there, the journalist was abused with a slew of slang. The officer even attempted to beat him up.

Many questions have been raised due to this kind of behavior towards journalists who are risking their lives and helping people.

The effectiveness of “Mo Sarkar” has been questioned. This act of the police officer has been highly criticized by many.

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