International Yoga Day 2019: PM Modi performs yoga with 30,000 people in Ranchi

Ranchi: While the world is celebrating the 5th ‘International Yoga Day’ with grandeur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has performed yoga along with around 30,000 people at Prabhat Tara ground here in Jharkhand.

The yoga practise which continued for 45 minutes was preceded by an address of PM in which he emphasised the importance of yoga in daily life and explained how it is associated with peace and harmony.

“Yoga has always been associated with peace and harmony. I thank people for adopting Yoga. I urge people to embrace it,” PM said.

By acknowledging the appeal of yoga to the global audience, Modi spoke for a few minutes in English also in which he said, “Yoga is beyond caste, religion, region and any boundaries, there is a solution to alcoholism and diabetes in Yoga.”

The yoga session at the Prabhat Tara Ground today was conducted by M. Baswa Reddy, director of the New Delhi-based Morarji Desai National Yoga Institute.

Post yoga practise the PM spent some quality time with the participants including children and allowed people to click selfies with him.

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