International Day of Art of Giving on May 17, Observation begins from tomorrow

Every year, the 17th of May is celebrated as the International Day of Art of Giving (AOG). This week long observation starts from 9th May, which is coincidentally Mother’s Day till 17th May 2021. AOG will be celebrated from our homes, dedicated to those who make houses our homes.

In the last three years, the membership of Art of Giving has increased manifold and it’s being widely celebrated across the globe by the fans and followers in every part of India and almost 120 countries under the themes like Pyaar Bhara Pack ( Feeding with love) in 2018, Bag of Happiness in 2019 and AOG fights Corona in 2020.

Last year, we could not have public celebration and observation, yet all the members tried to give in some form or the other in their individual capacity to help people fighting the pandemic.

This year, in 2021, since the pandemic has not subsided and we see the second wave of coronavirus, we request to keep the celebrations limited to our homes. However, it can’t stop us from spreading love, happiness and peace. Under the theme of ‘My mother My hero’, we can, in our individual capacities write down gratitude letters to our mothers, the givers, and upload letters or your pictures with mother, or a video of her on social media with #MyMotherMyHero, DM (Direct Message) it to us on our Facebook Page or mail it to us at [email protected]

AOG Founder Dr. Achyuta Samanta, ‘Kadambini’ Editor Dr. Iti Samanta providing bag of happiness to kids on AOG 2019 (File Photo)

“You are aware of the Art of Giving, a philosophy of life for spreading happiness and peace in the world. Every year, the 17th of May is celebrated as the International Day of Art of Giving. You have been a big part of transforming this idea into a revolution. We thank you for supporting all our initiatives and outreach work. You are requested to observe and persuade your near and dear ones also to celebrate it and to like, comment and share our posts on Facebook (,” said Dr. Achyuta Samanta, founder of AOG.

Concept Note on “My mother, My Hero”, this year’s AOG Theme

International Day of Art of Giving is celebrated as a cultural phenomenon by millions of AOG supporters across the globe on 17 May. As we are fighting the crisis caused by second wave of pandemic from our homes, we are planning to do something that everyone can do right from home.

As the pandemic is sweeping through India at a staggering pace, the Art Of Giving (AOG) community thinktanks have decided to divert from the previously thought AOG-drive “Road to Happiness” to something special and most importantly, something safe. The theme for this year is “My Mother, My Hero”.

When we think of the word “home” the first person that comes to our minds unanimously is mother. She is the anchor – a thread that binds the pearls of members into a necklace called family. There is nothing more valuable than a mother’s sacrifice. A mother devotes her time, energy, happiness and her entire life for her children. Being a mother in itself is like a full-time job and when a baby is born, a mother takes care of her children, spends quality time with them, keeps teaching them to look after them in a never-ending loop. Often we have seen mothers sacrifice their lifelong dreams for their children.

This AOG day let us acknowledge those sacrifices and love by writing a “Gratitude Letter to our mothers”. Mere words can’t suffice what our mothers have done, but taking the time to write down a heartfelt letter to our mothers, especially in a time when the world is in such depression, might just bring some calmness to her and your mind.

Mother’s don’t demand materialistic objects. It is time, that they need from us and writing this “gratitude journal” will be a conversation starter. It will be a small but effective step towards showing our mothers that they are the ultimate givers. They are our heroes. The initiative #MyMotherMyhero will be a testimonial from us to our mothers showcasing our love for the givers.

Believing in this concept, Art of Giving family in 2021, will start the online and offline initiative #MyMotherMyhero with an aim to showcase our love to our mothers. The gratitude letter can be a simple paragraph, short write-up, vlog, blog or essay, as long as we comfort our mothers with our words, the work is sacred.

This 17th May, International Day of Art of Giving, write a “gratitude journal to mothers” by showing that you care, for all that they have sacrificed.

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