India-SA T20 at Barabati: Here is the Menu chart for players

Bhubaneswar: The players for the India-South Africa T 20 match that is to be played at Barabati of both the countries will stay in Bhubaneswar’s Mayfair hotel till 13th of June.

The hotel management is very delicate in serving authentic foods to the players.  According to the head chef of the hotel, more non-veg food will be added to the menu of the South-African.

All the food will be prepared with less oil and spices. According to the chef, roasted chicken, desi chicken curry, mutton curry, prawn and pamphlet will be the non-veg items to be served to both the teams.

Likewise, authentic Odia foods like Dalma, Butter paneer, Badi chura, Chhatu besara, greens will be served to them. The following foods will be served with authentic Odia tradition, by serving them in bronze plates and glasses.

The breakfast will be followed by toasted breads, dry fruits, Milk, curd, Juice, Sugar free jam, Idli, Dosa, Sambar, Chatni, tea, coffee, Omelette and Coconut water. For lunch, there will be three types of rice dishes made off basmati and kanika rice.

Chapati, green salad, Odia dalma, Desi chicken curry, tandoori chicken, grilled fish, mutton curry, prawn, pamphlet, Tadka, paneer, Diwani dam ki handi, sambar, pampad, mango pickle, Raita will also be added in the menu.

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