Important instructions for people stranded in other states who want to return Odisha

Bhubaneswar: In the 4.30 pm press briefing on Friday, Odisha Chief Secretary Asit Tripathy informed in detail the process people will have to follow  when returning to Odisha. Hence, people who are stranded in other states due to nationwide lockdown should follow these instructions carefully to reach Odisha without any hassle.

On April 29, the Central Govt lifted the order that was imposed earlier on inter state movement of passengers. Hence, now people of Odisha who were stranded in other states can travel back to Odisha.

Pre-registration is a must.

Health check up of people who will return to Odisha is mandatory.

Again, they will have to remain in quarantine for 14 days. In urban areas, they can avail home quarantine or paid quarantine. In rural areas they will be kept mainly in temporary health centres (2.60 lakh beds ready now).

For point-to-point train movements, prior state govt permission is required.

According to the MHA circular, the district administration of the origin state (from where the travellers will begin journey) will provide a pass. The people coming from other states to Odisha should have this pass.

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has talked with CMs of Gujarat, Maharastra and Tamil Nadu through video conferencing regarding the issue of pass.

When coming via road:

People will be allowed to enter the state only through a few designated check points in the state boarder and not through any other entrance points. Eleven such check points including Biramitrapur, Girisola, Khariar road, Luhurachati have been designated.

Administration has opened camps at these check points where Govt. officials will verify the passengers’ registration before allowing them to the state.

At the designated entrance points of Odisha, an impression with indelible ink will be put in the right hand of the persons entering the state once the validation process is cleared.

Also, a sticker will be put to the vehicle which will work as a pass during movement inside the state.

When coming via train:

The Chief Secretary said that operation of Point-to-point trains likely to commence soon. Hence, once such services commence and people want to return Odisha through train, here are some important points related to such journey

The train will travel only to designated railway stations in Odisha and not all the stations. No such train will be allowed without clearance by Odisha Govt. From the stations the passengers will be taken to quarantine centres through vehicles.


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