IAS & IPS Officers in Odisha Shift to Mess as Kids Return from Abroad

Bhubaneswar: Most of the IAS and IPS officers based in Odisha have moved to messes and guest houses.

This has happened because, their kids studying or working abroad have returned home.

Since the Odisha government has imposed a  compulsory quarantine of 14 days for anyone who returns from abroad, the kids of these officers are in self-isolation.

The officers in-turn have left the comfort of their homes and shifted to guest houses.

This was also tweeted by Sanjeeb Panda, senior IPS officer and State Transport Commisioner.

Many other senior IAS and IPS have voiced the same opinion.

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  1. Sangram says

    For state of odisha even one year curfew will not make any significant impact on the economy. Neither for the state nor for India. Because the state does not have any economy of significance comparing to most states of India, odisha gov t is free to impose prolong curfew without worrying for economy

    1. Partha says

      @sangram Are you a idiot. U may be working in a govt office where you don’t need to work. Or you have so much money, u don’t have to work to feed your family. But most of us have to work to take care our family. So keep ur ideas in your filthy mind.

  2. Sharique says

    Ek guideline government k liye bhi jyada logon mein afra tafri na phailaye odisha already Backward state hai is trah k bandi se aur nuksaan hoga . Jitna nuksaan Corona virus se nahi hua us se jyada toh government ke galat policy indian government aur Delhi Police ke na ahli se log mare hai. Sab ko malum hai government kitna janta k bare mein sochti hai

  3. Gurdev Singh says

    As the world grapples with the coronavirus, the economic impact is mounting – with the OECD warning the virus presents the biggest danger to the global economy since the 2008 financial crisis. It also have great impact on students who are studying abroad.

  4. Joy Prakash Mahapatra says

    Those who are not following the order pl put large red stamp Violaters on their cars and bikes which they cannot remove and catch them when they violate 2nd time…

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