Human-bird friendship: when a Kalahandi youth becomes friend with a dove

Narla: The tale of friendship between a youth from Kalahandi district of Odisha and a dove is making the rounds in the area these days. The dove loves to stay around the youth when he is at his office as well as home.

As per reports, Tumeshwara Patra from Narla of Kalahandi brought a dove about six months ago when it was a baby. He started bringing up the dove. Out of love he has named the bird as ‘Kambo’. Patra works as a Manager in the Bajaj Showroom in Narla.

The unique sight of the dove roaming around the youth, sitting on his body and places near to him surely fascinates the onlookers. Patra said that the dove accompanies him when he goes for bathing, at the time of worship in the home daily and when he goes to sleep. When Patra goes to the showroom for work, the feathered friend also accompanies him.

A woman, who is like a sister to Tumeshwara, also said that the dove always stays with Patra. The dove flies surrounding the youth and he also loves it. “We have made a nest for it at the home. Once I go to bed it spends some time with me, and then I put it in the nest,” he said.

Asked what he wants to convey to the society in lieu of his friendship with the bird Tumeswara urged everyone not to be cruel with animals and birds rather humans should love them. Giving his own example he said that as I love the dove, it also loves him and stays around him. So we should love them and they would love us in return – he stressed.

Report: Premlal Panda, Narla, Kalinga TV

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