Huge reticulated python on motorcycle in scary video: Watch

In a recent scary video a huge reticulated python snake was seen on a motorcycle. The video has been uploaded to Instagram one day back but still it has garnered a number of likes along with comments.

Posted by snake._. world merely one day ago to Instagram, the video has earned more than one thousand likes just in one day.

“It’s a beautiful retic,” commented a user for the video while another said, “Its crazy”.

The scary thing in the video is how the huge snake is moving ahead while the motorcycle is standing. It is a rare affair that such a huge snake is caged in a video in close frames which is thrilling to even watch.

In another video, a huge Russell’s viper snake was found recently crossing a busy street in Ganjam district of Odisha in the night. Traffic came to standstill for a while after witnessing the huge snake crossing the road. Video of the incident has gone viral on the internet.

As per reports, a 13 feet long Russell’s viper snake was found on the bridge on River Moulabhananja in the Digapahandi- Podamari road in Ganjam district on Tuesday night. The snake was not in a good position to move quickly and it took long time to cross the road. However, people who were then travelling on the road stood on both side of the huge reptile to allow it to move to the other side of the road.

The scene is interesting and also scary. People including pedestrians and car riders are waiting to give way to the giant reptile. The Viper then manages to crawl into a roadside bush. While the clip seems interesting owing to the human-snake behaviour, it is frightening to witness the huge size of the Russell’s viper and the way it is moving forward.

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