Huge Quantity Of Country Liquor Seized In Odisha, See Details

Mohana: Huge amount of county liquor and molasses were seized in a raid by the police and excise department joint raid on Sunday in Gajapati district of Odisha.

The incident took place in the Nuasahi area of ​​Birikot and Chandiput villages under Gajapati district’s Mohana police station, raids were carried out by the Excise department.

During the raid 820 liters of illegally made mahogany pot were destroyed and 70 liters of Deshirandha liquor were seized.

Though the 14-day-lockdown is in full force across the state, with the Gajapati district active such incident are common in the district.

The raid was led by R. Udayagiri Abkari YC Lingaraj Dami, while the liquor mafia had returned from the spot, the Excise department said.

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