Huge python reaches ceiling light as girl holds it: Watch viral video

A video clip has gone viral that shows a huge python has managed to stand up to reach near the lights fixed to the ceiling of a large store after being cuddled by a girl. The video was uploaded to Instagram merely a week before by the user World_of_snakes.

Uploaded to Instagram on May 21, 2022 the said huge snake is said to be an Amethystine Python. The post has so far earned more than 20 thousand likes merely within a week.

The amazing video has earned huge number of replies on Instagram. A user commented, “Wow that strength!! Didn’t know they could stay upwards like this.” And another user compared the reptile with measuring tape probably after witnessing its ability to stay upwards to such a height and wrote, “Better than my Stanley measuring tape.”

Another user quipped, “Don’t lose him, or we have a Fugitive :).” Another user threw a joke and commented, “Hold me up just a little longer, just need to finish adjusting this light here.” He quipped as if the huge snake had been given an assignment to adjust the light properly.

Another user narrated his experience saying, “Had them twice, Scrub python or Patola python (Simalia amethistina) is what they called in my country where the snakes can be found.” And yet another Insta user commented, “I’ll eat your Python, it looks yummy.”

Watch the video here:

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