How to Stop Corona Caller Tune on Airtel, Jio, BSNL and Vodafone Number, Here are the Tips

If you are fed up of hearing the Corona Caller Tune constantly for 7-8 months and want to tun it off, then we have the solution for you. After hearing the Corona Caller Tune so long, users have started showing their anger on Social Media and are demanding to stop the Tune on phones. Many also complain that it creates annoyance while making an emergency call. But yet nothing has been done on this and you can still hear Big B’s heavy toneनमस्कार, हमारा देश और पूरा विश्व आज कोविड-19… while making a call. But the Social Media users have found a way to turn it off while making a call. Though we have not personally adopted the tips, but it’s claimed that the trick works pretty well for the Jio users. So let’s see how!

How to Stop on Different Operators

If you are an Airtel user, then you dial *646*224# and then press 1.The Second way is to instantly press * or 1 when you hear the COVID caller tune.

The Vodafone users need to type CANCT on their message box and send it to 144. Else they can also follow the second step as Airtel users.

The Jio Users need to type STOP in their message box and send it to 155223 or follow the second step like the first two operators.

The BSNL users need to type UNSUB and send it to 56700 or 56799.

Note: The above mentioned report has been prepared on the basis of claims made by the Social Media Users. We don't have any intention to obstruct the Government's Corona Awareness Campaign.
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  1. Abhinav Tripathi says

    Please remove corona caller tune

  2. Abhinav Tripathi says


    1. Fahad malik says

      Please remove covid-19 caller tune

  3. Fahad malik says

    Please remove covid-19 caller tune

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    Please remove covid 19 caller tune

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    Please remove covip 19 caller tune

  6. S says

    Every solution are not working.

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