House Owner In Bhubaneswar Asks 2 Nurses To Vacate His House Amid Covid-19 Infection Fear

Bhubaneswar: In yet another shocking incident  two nurses were vacated from their rented houses for possibility of coronavirus infection by their house owner. The nurses worked in a private hospital of Odisha’s capital city Bhubaneswar.

After the  2 nurses vacated their houses they had to take resort at a friend’s place. This is the first  incident of its kind which has come up in Odisha till now.

This incident comes when Government authorities including CM Naveen had advised house owners in the state to treat doctors, nurses and  health workers with sympathy and not ask them to vacate their houses.

After knowing about this incident the Odisha Covid-19 spokesperson, Subroto Bagchi expressed his grief on the matter. He also asked house owners to treat health officials with humility and respect.











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  1. PK says

    Same on such selfish and inhuman house owners. They should not be counted as part of a civilised society and they must be treated as human.

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