Holy Flag Atop Sri Mandir In Odisha’s Puri Flies Off, Devotees Panic

Puri: The holy flag atop  Sri Mandir in Odisha’s Puri flew off today. Panic gripped devotees as it is considered as a bad omen by many Hindus.

According to sources, the people of Odisha are already panicked with the impending cyclone ‘Amphan’ and coronavirus situation. With such an incident taking place at such a time, people are truly scared.

However, the Sevayats of the temple say that strong winds due to the impending cyclone might be the reason behind the flying off of the holy flag atop Sri Mandir and there is no reason to panic.

Coincidentally this is the third occasion of a mishap with the holy flag in this year.

The first time the holy flag turned into a knot and stopped flying. In the second incident the manasika flag caught fire on Papamochani Ekadasi last week.

Now-a-days Devotes are restricted from visiting Lord Sri Jagannath in Puri due to Coronavirus lockdown. Only the police and sevayats are allowed to go inside the premises of the temple.

  1. saralaD says

    May Lord Shiva be with u all
    ..He will be with u. Don’t worry , He will take care of u.

  2. Vijay Kumar says

    God isn’t real.

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