History in Bhubaneswar! Over 2000 marriages held in 3 weeks

Bhubaneswar: The State Capital City of Odisha, Bhubaneswar has created history by conducting more than 2000 marriages within a month. This was informed by ‘My Bhubaneswar,’ a platform which provides information about Bhubaneswar.

The ‘My Bhubaneswar’ in its Twitter handle said that the state capital hosted over 2,000 weddings over the most recent three weeks and more than 500 marriages are arranged over the following seven days. The backlog of the last two years coupled with the current year has prompted an abrupt rush in the marriage business. The time frame till March-end is auspicious, so the wedding season will remain at its peak.

Beside this, the fear of another variant is posing a potential threat, so individuals are not taking any risks. WHO has, as of now, cautioned that the following COVID-19 variation will be more irresistible than Omicron, possibly deadlier.

In the meantime, Kalyan Mandap proprietors, occasion organizers, catering and tent houses are also looking at reviving their financial losses before it is too late. With just a month left for the wedding season, they have encouraged the public authority to increase the crowd limit as far as possible for wedding occasions and parties to 500 from the current 100.


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