Hirakud Dam releases excess water through 12 gates

Sambalpur: The Hirakud Dam has opened four more sluice gates on Thursday to release excess flood water as the water level of the reservoir is rising due to heavy rainfall.

The flood water is currently being released from a total of 12 sluice gates, eight gates from left while four from right.

Reportedly, the water level at Hirakud dam remained at 629.83 feet against the maximum storage capacity of 630 feet. Worth mentioning, 1,50,419 cusecs of water enters the Hirakud reservoir per second while 2,20,418 cusecs of water is discharged.

The Hirakud Dam in has recorded the highest inflow of water in 10 years, informed the authorities of reservoir.

Sources said that as per the requirement more gates would be opened to release the water after inspecting the water level of the reservoir.

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