Hirakud Dam in Odisha Releases Season’s First Floodwater

Sambalpur: The Hirakud Dam authorities in the Sambalpur district of Odisha released this season’s first floodwater into the Mahanadi River at 11 am.

Reportedly, the sluice gate of Hirakud Dam was opened after a ritual was conducted. According to the rule curve, the Sluice Gate was opened to control the water level of the Hirakud Dam.

The season’s first floodwaters have been released through Gate number 7 in the first phase. The floodwaters are being released through three left spillways and two spillways from the right.

Notably, the Hirakud Dam has a storage capacity of 630 cubic feet and a storage capacity of 613.15 cubic feet. The flood waters will reach Mundali in the next 36 hours.

Adding to it, 12 districts have also been warned to remain alert. Due to the release of flood water as the water level in Mahanadi and its tributary rivers will increase, the villagers in low-lying areas and the fishermen have been warned not to venture into the river.

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