Here’s how you can record WhatsApp calls

Many times we have to record important things on a call. In such a situation, if the call is on WhatsApp then it becomes a bit difficult, but now with the help of instant messaging app WhatsApp, you can now make both audio and video calls along with text messages. We are telling you how to record calls on this app.

This is how Android users record calls

If you are an Android user, first you need to download the Cube Call Recorder. After opening this app, go to WhatsApp and call the user with whom you want to talk. During this time you see the Cube Call widget, then it means that your call is being recorded.

If the error is showing in your phone, then once again you open the Cube Call Recorder. This time you have to go to the settings of the app and click on Force Voip in a voice call. After this whole process, you put a WhatsApp call once again. If the cube call recorder is not showing even this time, it means that it will not work in your phone.

This is how iPhone users record calls

At the same time, if you are an iPhone user and want to record WhatsApp calls, then you connect your iPhone to MaC with the help of Lightning cable. After which you click on Trust this computer on your iPhone. If you are connecting your iPhone phone to Mac for the first time, then you open QuickTime and in it you will get the option of new audio recording in the File section. In this, you will see an arrow pointing to the bottom of the record button which you have to click on and select iPhone.

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