Here’s A Must-Know Information For All WhatsApp Users; Know In Details

The new update on WhatsApp has brought a new feature ‘Always Mute’. This new feature that comes on both Android and iOS platforms gives the option to mute notifications of groups or chats forever.

The new feature of WhatsApp will always be to facilitate users who are on WhatsApp in such groups, which are their compulsion to be a member. These can be family groups and also official groups. Distress messages from these groups come in disturbing, but now it is easy to get rid of them. The ‘Always Mute’ feature has been rolled out by WhatsApp.

What is the ‘Always Mute’ feature?

So far, there were three options to mute on WhatsApp – 8 Hours, 1 Week and 1 Year. Now the company has made the Always Mute feature live instead of the 1 Year option. With this, WhatsApp users will no longer have to mute the group every year. You will be able to mute any group forever. The company has given information about this through Twitter post.

How to mute WhatsApp group?

  • Muting the WhatsApp group is quite easy. WhatsApp’s Always Mute feature is also available for iOS users with Android.
  • First, open the group that mutes users
  • Three dots will appear at the top right of the group, click on it
  • On clicking, the Mute option will appear, where you have to click
  • On clicking, three options will appear 8 Hours, 1 Week and Always
  • By clicking Always Ok the group will be muted forever.

Update WhatsApp

The way to unmute a group is also similar. Here, Unmute option has to be selected instead of mute. WhatsApp has rolled out this feature. But despite this you do not see the Always Mute feature, so first you have to update your WhatsApp app from Google Play Store or Apple App store. After this you will see the Always Mute option.

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  1. Aarthi says

    Always mute option is welcoming one. But now the most commonly need by everyone is vacation mode.please restart the work on vacation mode.

  2. Philip Verghese Ariel says

    This is really a wonderful new feature.
    Thanks for sharing this news. I will update my WhatsApp.

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