Height of Superstition: Liquor given to children to prevent COVID19 infection in Malkangiri

Malkangiri: Odisha government has taken several measures to eradicate superstitions from the State. However, it is still prevalent especial among the people of the rural area. One more such incident has come to light with a viral video of Malkangiri district.

In a bizarre incident, the children of Parsanpali village in the district were given ‘Salapa’ (a type of liquor) to prevent coronavirus  infection in Padia block.

In the video, many children around the age of 10-12, can be seen sitting in a line sans social distancing with a leaf in front of them without any mask. A pot containing ‘Salapa’ can be seen in front of them and the children are waiting there to drink that salapa juice.

According to the parents of the children, the ‘Salapa’ allegedly can prevent them from contacting coronavirus.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which has spread worldwide, has infected millions of people. Thousands of people also have succumbed to the disease.

India is now the highest infected country with coronavirus and the situation in Odisha is not any better. The COVID-19 infections has spread to all the 30 districts of the State.

None of the COVID-19 vaccine development has not shown any successful results yet. In this grave situation when the children are given liquor as a vaccine to the pandemic can be seen as an act of superstitious belief. The liquor may deteriorate their health condition rather than prevent coronavirus.

NB: As a responsible media house we request the parents to refrain from such kind of deeds rather they should take preventive measures like wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and sanitise their hands regularly. Besides, they should follow the COVID guidelines issued by both the Union  and and Odisha governments. 

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