Heat wave cripples normal life in Odisha; Talcher sizzles at 41.1 degree Celsius

Bhubaneswar: Normal life has been affected in various places of Odisha due to the heat wave conditions on Thursday.

According to the Met department, four places in the state recorded temperature above 40 degree Celsius today while most places were sizzled over 35 degree celcious.

Talcher recorded 41.1 degree Celsius, highest temperature in the state today. While Titlagarh recorded 41 degree Celsius, Balangir sizzled at 40.7 degree Celsius, Malkangir i40.2 degree Celsius

Similarly, Bhubaneswar and Cuttack recorded maximum temperature of 39.3 degree Celsius and 39.2 degree Celsius respectively.

However, few places in South Odisha experienced light rain this evening.



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