Heart wrenching struggle of a 15-year-old poor minor girl who brings up her 2 younger brothers

Bhubaneswar: Jema is just 15. But she is the only parent and guardian of her two younger brothers.

Four years back mother of these three kids abandoned them. And last year their father passed away. Hence, now the minor girl is the only caretaker and guardian of the two kids.

Jema has appeared for the HSC examination this year. She works at a prawn factory at night and attends school during day time. She can be taken as the father and mother of her two younger brothers.

Whatever she earns, the family of three runs with that. Even her youngest brother is also studying in Class V and the girl pays for him. However, despite utter poverty these siblings don’t beg and deserve a respectful life.

Jema’s sorrow does not end here. She herself has three tumors in her body. Taking time from her study and work, she went post to pillar for three years to avail treatment. But the hospital authorities wanted her to submit a number of documents, which she could not make despite her best effort.

This family lives in a small hut at the Tarini Basti in the Mancheswar Industrial Estate of the capital city.

If you are interested to help out this family here is the details:

Name – Jema Chhatar

Address – Jharana Sahi, Mancheswar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Mobile No. – 9777049636

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