Gulkand is an immunity booster; consume it to fight against coronavirus

On hearing the name of Gulkand, a picture of an aromatic and sweet food item often appears in the mind. The more Gulkand made of rose petals tastes and tastes better, the sweeter it is. It is used in many ways in food. The benefits of Gulkand can greatly help in health problems. First of all, let us know what is Gulkand and later we will know how it can protect against coronavirus and the other benefits of its consumption.

What is Gulkand?

Gulkand is also known as rose marmalade. It is made from fresh petals of rose flower. Sugar is also used for flavoring while preparing it. It is consumed mostly in the summer to cool the body. Due to its sweet taste and good aroma, it is also used in many delicious foods.

How Gulkand is made?

Gulkand is prepared by mixing fresh petals of rose flowers with sugar or sugar. You can also prepare it by mixing it with honey. When the rose petals are mixed with sugar and kept in light sunlight for 2 or 3 days, then the natural water of sugar and rose petals together make a delicious pasty food. This is called Gulkand.

Benefits of Gulkand in the Corona period

Coronavirus is a completely contagious disease. It usually makes its victim very quickly, whose immunity is weak. In this case, eating Gulkand will help you to increase your body’s immunity, which can reduce the risk of corona virus or if you are infected with it, then its intake will help you to increase your immunity. Consuming a limited amount of mixed honey or sugar in Gulkand will not cause glucose deficiency in the body and you will feel energetic.

What are the other benefits of Gulkand?

Although Gulkand is used in many ways, but it is always used in certain uses. Such as:

  • For weight loss

Given the medicinal properties of Gulkand, Gulkand can be consumed for weight loss. Rose leaves are used to prepare Gulkand. They do not contain fat, so the intake of low-fat foods can be used for weight loss.

  • For the eyes

The benefits of Gulkand can also be seen for the eyes, as its effect has been described as cold. According to a research report released by experts, the consumption of Gulkand can be relieved from the problem of swelling and redness of the eyes.

  • Beneficial in fatigue and mental stress

Consuming gulkand can also be beneficial in reducing fatigue and stress. Actually, Gulkand is an effective antioxidant and helps in energizing the body. Apart from this, the cooling effect of Gulkand can also be helpful in relieving fatigue. In Ayurveda, it has been used in many medicines made to relieve stress.

  • For skin

It is believed that the consumption of Gulkand can help relieve many skin related problems, such as acne and whiteheads. Gulkand repairs its skin cells from inside with its properties. The follicles act to remove substances that close the pores. Also, the effect of increasing age is not allowed on our skin.

  • Makes the heart healthy

Consuming gulkand is also beneficial for the heart. Magnesium is found in Gulkand made from rose leaves and magnesium can act to control blood pressure and blood glucose. Also, it can help the heart to function smoothly, so that our heart remains healthy.

Note: This advice is given only to provide you with general information. Before taking anything, you must consult your doctor or specialist.

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