Gopal Das seen with Naba Das on various occasions

Gopal Das seen with Naba Das in various occasions and had ample scope to plan the murder. An array of pictures relating to the above fact have gone viral. 

Bhubaneswar: Gopal Das the alleged assassin of Minister Naba Das was seen with him on various occasions, said reliable reports on Thursday.

During his tenure in Jharsuguda district, Gopal had many opportunities to get close to the Health Minister Naba Das whom he subsequently shot dead. Gopal Das was seen with Naba Das while going to participate in various programs in Brajrajnagar assembly constituency.

During this time Gopal was a police officer on general duty and it was easy to get close to the Minister. In many pictures he has been seen standing very close to Naba Das in various programs.

In the photo dated September 18 2022 Gopal Das is seen standing very close to the Minister in the event. The question that arises here is what happened in these 4-5 months. If there had been any enmity earlier, Gopal had various occasions to kill the Minister at that time. Therefore, there is a rumor that the shooting at Gandhi square in Jharsuguda last Sunday was a pre-planned murder.

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