Google declares three-day weekly-off for employees; here’s why

World’s major tech company Google has announced to give three-day weekly off for its employees. The employees of Google will now work from Monday to Thursday and get off from Friday to Sunday. However, any employees who have to work either on Friday or Sunday then they can take their weekly off on Monday.

Google has reportedly taken the decision in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

It has also been clarified by the Google that the technical personnel do not have the luxury to take an off on Fridays but the company is looking for ways to compensate them with a similar route of escape.

Google said that the work pressure on the employees will be accordingly lesser. The company has issued an international message in this regard. The working hour of the employees who are working from home has been increased. The Managers have been asked to extend their support for the same.

Meanwhile, Google’s initiative has taken the internet by storm as many employees have started to demand for the same in their respective companies.

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