Golden Opportunity! Earn Rs 44,793 Monthly By Opening This Account In Your Wife’s Name

It is a time of inflation. Now everyone wants that all the household members in his house keep doing something, so this is why most men of today seek a working partner for marriage. In such a situation, the your spouse is a housewife and if she wants to make money independently, then the government has a scheme through which income will come into the wife’s account every month.

Actually, you can make your wife self-sufficient by investing in National Pension Scheme (NPS). Through this scheme, regular income can be arranged.

Open NPS account in wife’s name

To make your wife an independent, you can open an NPS account in her name. NPS account will give a lump sum to your wife on completion of 60 years of age. Also, they will get regular income as pension every month. With an NPS account you can also decide how much pension your wife will get every month.

With this, your wife will not be dependent on anyone for money after the age of 60 years.

NPS account will be matured at the age of 60

You can deposit money every month or yearly in NPS account at your convenience. You can open an NPS account in the name of a wife from Rs 1,000. At the age of 60, the NPS account matures. According to the new rules, if you want to keep running the NPS account till the age of the wife is 65 years.

45 thousand rupees per month

Understand in simple language, as if the wife is 30 years old and if you invest 5000 rupees every month in their NPS account, then they get 10% return annually. In this case, the wife will have a total of 1.12 crore rupees in her account at the age of 60 years. The wife will get about 45 lakh rupees from this. Apart from this, they will get pension around Rs 45,000 every month. They will continue to get this pension for life and you and your family will have a better future.

NPS Scheme Highlights

How much pension will you get?

Age – 30 years

Total Investment Period – 30 years

Monthly contribution – Rs 5,000

Estimated Return on Investment – 10%

Total pension funds – Rs 1,11,98,471 can be withdrawn at maturity.

44,79,388 Amount to purchase annuity plan.

67,19,083 Estimated Annuity Rate 8%

Monthly Pension – Rs 44,793

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