Goddess Samaleswari of Sambalpur wears Dhabalmukhi Besha on Mahalaya

Sambalpur: The prime deity of Western Odisha, Goddess Samaleswari wore the very famous ‘Dhabalmukhi Besha’ on Thursday on the occasion of Mahalaya. Importantly, the Goddess wears this attire only once in a year while on other days across the year she wears the ‘Sindurabarna’ besha.

Goddess Samaleswari of Sambalpur in Odisha wore the Dhabalmukhi besha today. Dhabala means white and ‘mukh’ means face. Hence, the Goddess is today available for darshan in the white attire, which is compared with River Ganga. It is believed that when devotees have a glimpse of the Goddess in the Dhabalmukhi besha they can be blessed with the virtue of having Ganga Darshan.

However, since due to Covid 19 restrictions, the temple is these days not open for public, devotees can have the same on the online platform.

It is believed that on the last day of the Pitru Pakshya if someone gets the glimpse of the Goddess in Dhabalmukhi besha, she also gets the virtue of Ganga darshan and accordingly his ancestors get peace in their heavenly abode.

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