Goddess Samaleswari of Sambalpur to wear Pata saree from Bargarh on Nuakhai

Sambalpur: Nuakhai, the prime festival of western Odisha is all about offering the new crop to the Goddess. New means ‘Nua’ in the vernacular language of this region. Hence, not only humans, but even the idols at the temple are attired with new clothes on this occasion.

While this year Nuakhai is to be celebrated across Western Odisha on August 23, a new pata saree was brought from Bargarh today which Goddess Samaleswari of Sambalpur in Odisha will wear on the festival day. Pata saree is regarded as the best product of clothes from the potpourri of famous Sambalpuri sarees, which are also very popular in India.

Sanjay Meher, a weaver from Bargarh district has presented the Saree for the Goddess. He deposited it in the office of the Samaleswari Trust Board in Sambalpur on Friday.

On August 23, offering made of newly yielded paddy will be offered to Goddess Samaleswari in between 9.35 to 9.50 am in the morning as per the lagna following which people will observe the festival at their homes.

During Nuakhai people prepare ‘Nua’, a special offering made off newly yield rice and offer it to the deity at their home and then consume the offering together. Later, younger ones bow before the elders saying them ‘Nuakhai Juhar’ to show their respect and the seniors bless them in return.

In the evening, entertainment programs are organised. However, this year in the wake of Coronaviru pandemic it will be a low key affair and programs which may violate norms of social distancing and other restrictions of the pandemic may stand cancelled.

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