Girl’s reaction over father getting Swiggy job will make you emotional: Watch

An emotional video that has surfaced recently will bring tears to your eyes where a small school girl is seen happily celebrating her father getting job at food delivery chain Swiggy. The priceless reaction of the girl as her father appears before her with a swiggy dress has earned admiration from netizens on social media after the video was posted to Instagram.

Posted by Pooja Avantika to Instagram the video has so far earned more than 78 thousand likes. And the post has earned a lot of comments. Most of the users have mentioned that they are happy seeing the joy of the girl and they have praised the reaction of the girl. Many of them have mentioned the man in the video as a lucky one to have the girl as his child.

As we can see in the video a little girl is waiting for her father with closed eyes. As the scene moves ahead, this girl with a school uniform takes out her hands out of her eyes and becomes extremely happy to see her father standing with a T-shirt of Swiggy. As report says, the joyful reaction of the girl was due to his father getting a job at the food delivery chain. The happy girl hugs her father and then moves one step away, talks to her and again comforts her with another warm hug. It is a truly joyous moment for the two in the video and their family members and it is an emotional moment for the netizens who are watching it online.

When it comes to the comments many Instagram users came up admiring the reaction of the girl. Even Swiggyindia wrote, “sooo cute, heart is melting.”

An Instagram user wrote, “Sir ubr lucky to have angel as ur girl child..” while another commented, “This is soooo sweet .”  Another user comments, “That guy is the happiest man on planet Earth” and it seems to be quiet true.

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