Girlfriend Elopes With Auto-Driver, Boyfriend Takes Revenge By Stealing 70 Phones

Pune: A jilted lover was arrested by police for stealing 70 phones of auto drivers to take revenge for his girlfriend’s betrayal in Pune of Maharashtra.

According to sources, The thief was identified as Bhurabhai Aarif Shek and was the owner of a resturant in Ahmedabad, where he met a girl named Priya and fell in love with her at first sight.

Both of them loved each other very much and wanted to get married in the future but their family members were against the marriage.

When Aarif came to pune to start a new business, he got to know that Priya has eloped with an auto driver after two days after his departur.

He was shocked and returned to Ahmedabad immediately and searched for Priya and persuaded her to come back with him, but she declined  and he has to come back alone to Pune.

After the incident Aarif began to hate auto drivers and blamed them for Priya’s betrayal and began to steal mobile phones of the auto drivers to take revenge.

Aarif has stolen a total of 70 phones till now.


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