Ganjam Collector Cycles Around, Tells People To Stop Using Plastic, Imposes Fines

Berhampur: District collector does it again, cycles around the city for surveying the use of plastic among shopkeepers in Ganjam district.

The Ganjam District Collector Vijay Amruta Kulange, cycled to different shops in order to check the use of plastic bags.

Where ever shopkeeper were found using plastic bags a challan was issued and fines collected on the spot.

A total of Rs. 25,000/- was collected in a single day in Chatrapur town of Ganjam.

He advised the public to reduce the use of plastic in order to check environment pollution.

This is the second such incident.

The first was an impromptu cleanliness drive.

The Collector had scolded the roadside tea stall owners for littering the place with plastic cups. They had been asked to clean up the place immediately.

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  1. Sunanda Dash says

    Thank you so much for the initiation taken by you. I want to request you to take action against the following two matters:
    1) Sound pollution created by DJ etc.
    2) Traffic hajards due to domestic animals on the road.
    With a hope for a positive response from you I remain.

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