Gajapati SP Sarah Sharma turns singer to aware people on Corona: Watch

“Corona corona corona, Sachetana ruha bhaina,

Sie sajichhi, kunia amara, Huanahin sabu chhania.

Janagahali tharu durei ruha, Hata ku dhoi pariscara rakha,

kasha chhinka hele tumara, Muhare rumal, kani dia”

These are the lines of a song to aware people over deadly Coronavirus that is ruling the roost in the country including Odisha these days.

Superintendent of Police (SP) of Gajapati District in Odisha Sarah Sharma has lent voice to the song that aims to aware people on coronavirus.

The top cop describes Coronavirus as a guest in the song (as it was originated in China) and asks people not to worry rather to take precaution.

Sharma also goes on giving tips on how to get rid of COVID 19. She asks to avoid crowded places, to keep hands clean by washing it and when coughing put handkerchief, edge of the Saree (Kani) etc. in front of mouth as a safety measure to keep self as well as others from getting infected.

Sarah Sharma often hits headlines for her inspiring efforts to make people aware about healthy and constructive things.

In the song we can hear the top cop singing like a connoisseur of music. Fact is that as per reports she has also learned classical music.

The song has been highly appreciated by people as seen in Social Media.

Odisha is moving through a critical period these days due to Coronavirus outbreak. While the deadly virus has affected people of more than 188 countries, India is also not spared. COVID 19 has claimed 7 lives even in India.

In Odisha, fortunately though no casualties have been witnessed due to COVID 19 so far, 2 people have been found positive of the virus and have been kept in quarantine.

It is a time to boost morale of the people. Perhaps that was the reason a top cop of the state decided to lend voice to a track herself to aware people on the deadly coronavirus.

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