Gajapati district receives award from Niti Ayog

Bhubaneswar: Gajapati district has won an award as per Aspirational District Scheme from Niti Ayog for overall financial inclusion and skill development, based on Delta rankings. Gajapati district beat 115 nominated districts. Anupam Saha, Collector of Gajapati district, shall receive the award at SDG Conference in New Delhi on Wednesday.

Niti Ayog to award Gajapati district

Niti Ayog awards districts on basis of several factors and criteria. They are then graded as per Delta rankings. Gajapati district has won for November-December 2018 for overall financial inclusion and skill development.

It is important to note here that, Gajapati district had also previously won another award from Niti Ayog for its water irrigation system.

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