Funny video: Lion cub sneaks up on mother to scare her, watch what happens next!

Cute and funny animal videos where they are being their own self are definite mood lifters for people. When the video involves baby animals, a serotonin boost is guaranteed. Well, in a video that has been going around social media websites recently, there is a huge dollop of cuteness as well as fun. The video involves a lion cub and its mother. The lion cub sneaks up on its mother to scare her, and boy, does it work!

The video is captured in an enclosure at Edinburgh zoo. A lioness can be seen resting calmly, while two cubs play around. Mom is concentrating on a cub right in front of her eyes. However, she forgot to keep an eye on her second baby. The young cub can be seen slowly sneaking up on its mother from behind. Mom is so engrossed in watching the one  before her, she has no clue that a vicious, little attacker is sneaking up from behind. All of a sudden the baby jumps ahead, and bumps the mother on her back. The lioness was concentrating so hard on one of her kids that this little bump makes her jump out of her skin! She whips her head around and realises that it was her own little one who startled her.

Watch the hilarious video here:

The clip was shared by Twitter handle Yoda4ever and it has 1.7 million views so far. “Lion cub sneaks up on mom,” the video caption reads.

The internet is in love with the delightful video, and adored the playful bond between the lioness and her cubs. One user wrote, “Literal same reaction we all have when our kids scare the s— out of us, pure anger that they were able to do it, then acceptance.” Another wrote, “I was more amazed by her reaction then the cub’s actions.” A third commented, “Poor mom, the cubs have already figured out how the team work works.” “It gets funnier the more times you watch it,” commented a fourth.


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