Fraud tantrik in Cuttack case, 4-day remand starts today

The fraud tantrik in Cuttack identified as Mulana Kaifi Khan was arrested on April 28, 2023, he shall be taken on a 4-day remand from today.

Cuttack: In the ‘fraud tantrik in Cuttack’ case, the Manglabag police shall get Kaifi Khan on a four-day remand from Choudwar Jail on Wednesday.

The Manglabag police had applied for a five-day remand of Kaifi Khan, the fraud tantrik in Cuttack, the application was heard by the court on May 2, 2023.

The JMFC Court had granted a four-day remand for the fraud tantrik. The Manglabag police shall get Kaifi Khan and question him on various issues. A special team of police officers has been formed to question the fraud tantrik in Cuttack.

the DCP of Cuttack Pinak Mishra appealed to people to come forward and inform the police about the fraud committed by the self-styled godman in Cuttack. He further informed that another case has been registered against the accused tantrik Kaifi Khan.

The DCP had also informed that, many people had been duped by him. He also urged the victims to come forward and inform police. The bank account of the fraud tantrik in Cuttack has been frozen, he further added.

According to reports, a fraud acting as a ‘tantrik’ has looted people off a lot of money people from all over Odisha, said reports. The fraud ‘tantrik’ has been identified as Mulana Kaifi Khan of Kesarpur area in Cuttack.

The Manglabag police has been successful in arresting the fraud ‘tantrik’. Two expensive cars have been seized from his possession. The police has also seized hard cash of two lakh 76 thousand 410 rupees. As many as 70 mobile phones have been seized from the possession of the fraud ‘tantrik’. Further, as many as 20 expensive watches have been seized.

At least 13 different policy papers and bond papers have been seized from his possession. A large quantity of bronze idols, diamond-like glass objects, expensive metal objects, bronze biscuits were seized.

The accused had committed a number of  frauds by introducing himself as a ‘tantrik’. He had cheated people and has committed fraud worth crores of rupees.

The accused was a fraud, he would commit fraud by saying that he would remove negative energy from the house of his ‘clients’. The ‘tantrik’ further said that he was capable to remove demons from the house.

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