Flood Water Enters Into Bhattarika Temple In Odisha’s Cuttack

Cuttack: Incessant rain, both upstream and downstream, triggered flash floods in Mahanadi and has resulted in entry of flood water inside Maa Bhattarika Temple at Narasinghpur in Cuttack district.

Floodwater inundated vast areas of Banki, Badamba and Tigiria blocks and entered the sanctum sanctorum of Maa Bhattarika temple in Badamba block. The rituals remained unaffected as the presiding deity was relocated to a safer place atop the adjacent hill by the temple administration.

According to reports, over six feet high flood water gushed into the temple. Located close to Mahanadi banks, the temple often gets flooded during monsoon.

Similarly, due to incessant rains, the famous shaivaite shrine in Akhandalamani Temple in Bhadrak district and the presiding deity was completely submerged by floodwater.


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