Flood Alert In Subarnarekha As Jharkhand Releases Water: SRC Odisha

Bhubaneswar: There is a possible flood alert in the Subarnarekha river system informed the Special Relief Commissioner through a tweet today.  

The possible flood alert comes from the fact that Jharkhand has released water from Galidih barrage for which flow has increased in Subarnarekha river.

According to sources, at 6 am today, water level at Jamsolaghat was 50.88m against the danger limit of 49.16m.

After cyclone Yaas, now the DM of Balasore should be prepared for a possible flooding in Subarnarekha system amidst the restoration work, said the SRC. 

He also praised the DM of Balasore for the tremendous amount of work to mitigate the problems to the extent possible and the team for quick response.


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  1. Santosh das says

    We can’t control the cyclones but we can control the floods caused by cyclones to some extant. Odisha gets affected regularly by cyclones and the heavy downpour floods thereafter, now it is the time to wait, think, understand the underground flood control systems implemented by Japan and Singapore. These systems can help to save the fresh water in the underground tunnels and when it is required, it can be used for industrial, domestic and agricultural activities. Even if the initial results may not be so large but if is implemented around the industrial town where there are water scarcity during long summers and frequent floods then these methods will be useful in near future. Also in long run it will create a sense of confidence among the industrial houses and investors to choose Odisha as a final destination. I think Union government, State government and entities should start discussion on these methods.

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