Fisherman Creates ‘Strange’ Bond With Rat Snakes In Odisha, See Pictures

Cuttack: Tailor turned fisherman creates a ‘strange’ and surprising bond with rat snakes as he sells fish in a busy market place at Banki sub-division in Cuttack district of Odisha.

The man, Duryodhan Babu was a tailor but due to the lack of business in the Covid crisis he was forced to sell fish and prawn to make a livelihood.

After chopping the fish he used to throw away its waste into a canal flowing right behind him, little to his knowledge they would be immediately consumed by a few rat snakes living in the that canal.

This strange feature was noticed by a professor who used to buy wish from Duryodhan on a regular basis. He observed this phenomena for almost a month and noticed that there were around 4-5 snakes. They would appear and eat the waste from the fish, wait there for more and then disappear.

The professor alerted the snake helpline members and they found that there was a huge colony of snake living there. But since the locals were not scared of snakes they asked the snake helpline members not to take them away.

On being informed about this strange phenomena the official of the snake helpline Subendhu Mallick could not contain his excitement and rushed to Banki to observe the snakes.

A team was formed comprising of the locals and the snake helpline members who reached the market place on Sunday morning to observe the movement of the snakes.

It was surprising for the team to observe that, the snakes would appear only on Wednesdays, Fridays and  Sundays. On other days they would become untraceable.

Snakes and human beings have always been in conflict but this peaceful co-existence surely seems strange and unbelievable. Duryodhan has unknowingly become a friend too these serpents.

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