Festival of Goddess Mahamaya observed once in every 12 years in Kabisuryanagar of Ganjam

Berhampur: The traditional festival of Goddess Mahamaya was organised this year in Kabisurya Nagar of Ganjam district. The festival is organised once in 12 years. Popularly known as Thakurani Jatra in the area, the festival runs for 25 days. Thousands of devotees took part in this festival.

Kabisurya Nagar was gripped with festive fervour a few days ago due to the Thakurani Jatra. Devotees from far places flocked to the place to witness the festival and the sahi parikrama, the village tour of the Goddess.
This festival is being observed since long years. During the ghata jatra women put the ghats on their heads and walk in the procession that moved through a fixed route in the town amid music, dance, and lights. Thousands of devotees take part in the procession as well.

It is believed that wishes are fulfilled by the grace of Goddess Mahamaya. Hence, devotees, who are called manasikadharis, convey their wishes to the Goddess during the festival. Darshan of the holy feet of the Goddess during the festival was a main attraction for the devotees.

Celebration of the festival witnesses Mina Bazar, light decoration, dance and musical programs every day.
This year the temple committee, Jatra committee, local administration, police force, volunteers and locals played important roles to make the festival successful.

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