Fake note turned out during ATM transaction? Know what is the way to get refund

It sometimes happens during ATM transactions that fake notes are removed from the machine. Once a fake note is removed, customers do not understand what to do and what not to do. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has made arrangements to give full refund to customers on receiving fake notes from ATMs. RBI has made strict rules in this regard for banks.

According to RBI rules, banks will have to refund the customers as soon as possible after the fake notes are released from the ATM in action mode. If this is not done, banks will have to take action for this. According to RBI, it is the responsibility of the bank to check the notes that are sent to the branch and then to the ATM and to avoid including the fake notes in the system. This is the reason that notes are checked before issuing at ATMs and counters.

However, it often happens that due to the large number of notes, some fake notes are also mixed with the real note. In such a situation, the bank is unable to identify these notes and they reach the ATM. And when customers withdraw, these notes go to them. In such a situation, the way to get a refund is that after the notes are removed from the machine, show the fake notes in front of the CCTV. You can show both the front and back sides of the note by moving it near the camera.

After this, inform the security guard of the ATM. By doing this you will have two proofs and you will be able to prove in front of the bank that fake notes have come out from the ATM itself. After this, fake notes have to be presented before the bank. The bank will follow the further procedure according to the rules and the customer will be given the original note in lieu of that fake note. If you go to the bank and show the receipt from the ATM machine, then it will be easier to claim.

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