Every SBI Account Holder Must Know This Alert Of The Bank

If you are a SBI customer then you need to be careful with online fraud. The country’s largest bank has tweeted and asked its customers to be alert and alert. SBI tweeted, “SBI customers are requested to stay alert on social media and avoid any misleading and fraudulent messages.”

“We request our customers to be vigilant about any misleading and fake messages running on social media in the name of SBI,” the bank wrote. Sharing a 20-second video clip, the bank appealed to the customers that they should not share their confidential information with anyone.

Along with the video, the bank wrote in a tweet, ‘Be alert and safe while talking to us on social media. Before communicating to any of our accounts, verify and do not share any confidential information. ”Let us know that fake messages are frequently run on social media in the name of banks. Apart from this, many such emails are also sent on Gmail, which gives the illusion that the information may have been given by the bank itself, but they are fake.

In order to protect customers from such fraud, State Bank of India often issues warnings to its customers and alerts them.

State Bank of India is the number one bank in the country in terms of assets, bank branch, deposit capital, customers and employees. Not only this, SBI is also number one in the issue of debt issuance. Talking about home loans and auto loans, State Bank of India has a market share of 34 and 33 percent respectively. State Bank of India has the largest network in India with 22,100 branches. Apart from this, there are 58,500 ATMs.

Let us know that SBI has made efforts to digitize itself rapidly in the last few years. In this direction, State Bank of India has launched YONO App, on which all banking facilities can be acquired. So far this app has 58 million downloads across the country. Not only this, SBI is also far ahead in the credit card business.

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