EPFO Rules: Relief news for millions of PF account holders, now this important facility will be available online

Great relief for PF account holders. Now they are going to get rid of any curiosity, case, complaint or case related to their PF and the trouble of going round the PF office. The central government has taken important steps in this regard. Now, according to the new system, employees will be able to talk about their PF complaints online. This will be possible through the facility of e-inspection name, which has started working.

Initially, on the basis of complaints, notices have been issued so far to 35 thousand companies that were making a mess about the PF of employees. Employees have been given an online option to lodge complaints related to provident fund. An e-inspection complaint portal has been started by the department. In this, the aggrieved employee will file his complaint and the department’s officer and inspector will not go to the concerned company’s office to investigate. Rather, on the basis of the complaint, the concerned company will ask for documents online and resolve them. The complete information about the problem resolution process will continue to reach the complainant on mobile.

That’s why it started

For the past few years, the government has been receiving many complaints, which include harassment of the employees of the company for recovery by department officials and inspectors. Therefore, by making the entire process online, the department has implemented e-inspection in all PF offices across the country. On the basis of complaints, notice has been given to 35 thousand companies in the first phase. More than 300 companies have been asked for e-inspection in 15 offices of Kanpur Region in Uttar Pradesh.

Employees make such complaints about PF

Non-deduction of PF from salary.

– The deduction of PF amount is not in accordance with the rules.

– Not to be deducted even if there is more than 20 employees in the company concerned.

– Non-timely payment of PF amount by the company to the employee.

– Not being covered in PF despite being eligible.

EPFO says large number of people will benefit

The EPFO ​​has described this arrangement as a relief to the large section of the employees. Regional Provident Fund Commissioner Vijay Vikram Bahadur Singh of Kanpur says that e-inspection is a centralized system. Everyone will get relief from its implementation. The process is transparent. Message will be available for resolution of complaints. Apart from the officials, the employees have also described it better. Senior staff leader Rajesh Shukla says that the system like e-inspection should be implemented in the offices of Labor Department and ESI along with PF. They have a large section attached to them. This is a very important step for all people.

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  1. G B Krishna says

    No doubt it is some relief to employees of private sector and govt sector,my request to Modi govt it is essential the post offices must be pravatised why because to day non of the postal staff is not cooperated in Berhampur H O for opening of S B a/c of my daughter including SR post Master occurence held at MPC-2 at 12:10 pm

  2. Surjya narayan patel says

    There are so many companies having more than 20 employees but not deducting PF.In India we making rules but not bothering whether it is implementing or not.it is happening due to corruption by govt.officers. They know but they are guiding to employers because of their gain.

  3. Shabbir Khan says

    If it will work good IAM trying for last 1 yr but not . Rejected reason bank account how is it possible for bank account of will be rejected . Cancel chq are their.Now I feel frusate for my money I have to beg .
    This of is related to MHBAN.

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