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Elephant calf rescued after falling into latrine tank in Dhenkanal


Dhenkanal: Local were struck with curiosity in Talaberana village under Mahabir Road Forest Range in Dhenkanal district this morning after a female jumbo along with its calf plunged into a septic latrine tank.

As per the report, some locals heard trumpeting of the pachyderms early in the morning and came out of their houses in fear to find out a baby elephant trapped inside the latrine tank of one Pramod Pal of the village. The mother elephant was spotted trying to rescue her baby.

Later, some youths of the village mustered courage and brought out the calf from the tank with the help of wooden planks after a Herculean effort.

Forest officials have been intimated on the issue and both the mother elephant and the baby will be handed over to them later in the day.

Locals claimed, a herd of wild pachyderms had sneaked into the village last night. The mother and baby elephant might have been separated from that to fell into the tank.

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