ECoR surpassed last fiscal loading 38 days before end of current financial year

Bhubaneswar: East Coast Railway (ECoR) has surpassed the last fiscal annual loading, 38 days before the end of current financial year, i.e. from 1st April 2021 to 21st February, 2022. Since the inception of new Zone, ECoR has consistently witnessed incremental loading over the previous year performance, in the field of freight transportation.

ECoR has loaded 205.37 MT of freight by 21st February, 2022 from 1st April, 2022 and surpassed the last financial year annual loading of 204.90 MT registering an incremental growth of 0.23%. As a whole, ECoR has carried 15% more freight than the similar time of last fiscal.

During the period, ECoR has carried 116.10 MT of Coal, 7.29 MT of Raw Material for Steel Plants, 18.87 MT of Iron & Steel, 27.92 MT of Iron Ore, 1.17 MT of Cement, 2.61MT of Food Grains, 5.1 MT of Fertilizer, 2.38 MT of POL and 23.94 MT of freight loaded in Containers and other cargo. From the above, ECoR earned Rupees 20368.3 Crores registering an increase of 19.7% than the corresponding period of last financial year. To get the remarkable achievement, ECoR has utilised 9472 wagons per day that is equivalent to 174.6 Rakes ( Freight Train) per day.

This could be possible due to outstanding performance of all the three Divisions of East Coast Railway, i.e. Khurda Road, Waltair and Sambalpur. Relentless Round the Clock Close Monitoring & Outstanding supervision, dedicated and sincere work force brought this performance, to make ECoR proud.

Despite the challenges of Covid 19 pandemic, slump in demand of export of iron ore and Crises in Coal; ECoR has taken challenge and focused on Power Houses of the country so that hampering on necessary services during pandemic could be avoided. Apart from this, ECoR has run 44 nos of Oxygen Special Trains towards different destinations of the country during the Covid pandemic.

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