East Coast Railway Uses Lockdown Judiciously, Augments and Maintains Infrastructure

Bhubaneswar: East Coast Railway judiciously utilized this Lockdown time to augment and maintain infrastructure far safe train operations and emphasis was given for execution of long pending construction and maintenance works. In normal times, about 491 hours could have been taken for complete these works by affecting train services and taking traffic block.

Among the major works, the following infrastructure related safety works are as following –

Limited Height Sub-way: 

8 Limited Height Sub-ways (LHSs) have been completed at various places, including closure of three manned level crossing gates by providing alternate path. This would have taken 74 hours for traffic block and affecting train services.

Rebuilding of 16 bridges completed

16 bridges over East Coast Railway have been rebuilt during the lockdown. This would have taken about 69 hours in normal times.

04 Girders of Foot Over Bridge launched

4 girders of Foot Over Bridge at Bhubaneswar Station have been launched during lockdown which could have been taken three hours traffic block and affecting train services.

Thick Wave Switches renewed
23 sets of Thick Wave Switches have been renewed during the lockdown so that the crossings will be safe during passing of trains. This work could have take 70 hours by blocking train traffic and affecting train services.

Rail Panel Works

60 Rail Panel Works have been done during lockdown which could have take more than 12 hours by suspension of train services and traffic blocks.

Ballast Cleaning Works

21 Track Kilometres of Ballast Cleaning Works have been completed during the period which could have take 194 hours in normal time. In the ballast cleaning, the mud will be cleared from the ballast to keep the line free from any jerking so that the train will run with jerk free.

Ballast Tamping Work

68.5 Track Kilometres of Ballast Tamping Works have been done during the period which could have take 43.30 hours in normal time. The ballast tamping will keep the sleeper fit with ballast so that the train will run smoothly.

Apart from this, Foot Over Bridge girders were lunched at Charbatia and Gurudijhatia stations in connection with 3rd and 4th line work between Salegaon-Rajathagarh Stations, at Kapilas Road in connection with Bhadrak-Nergundi 3rd line work and at Talcher Road station in connection with Sambalpur-Talcher doubling work.

Completion of these pending works will increase mobility of trains with more safety. These works would have taken a long period during normal times by suspension of rail traffic. Apart from this, many important works have been executed during this lockdown period that include installation of FOB Girders, Lifts, PF Surfaces, PF Sheds, raising of PF, improvement in circulating areas, etc.

These apart, many more safety and maintenance works related to Electrical, Mechanical and Signals have also been taken up during lockdown period. These would have taken much more additional time in normal period and could have affect train services and traffic block. Train journey has become much safer and comfortable in recent years and ECoR is taking all the measures for the safety and comfort journey of its customers and passengers.

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