East Coast Railway upgrades signalling system between Kapilas Road and Byree stations

Bhubaneswar: With a view to improve the safe train operations with maintaining punctuality, East Coast Railway (ECoR) has installed Dual Visual Display Units (VDU) with hot at Baudpur for seamless train operations in the yard.

Hot standby provides zero changeover time during one system failure as the changeover takes place automatically. System redundancy increases and it is more convenient for fast train operations due to dual VDU provision as compared to warm standby where in the changeover has to be done manually. Apart from this, it will ensure surge protection as compared to panel operation due to provision of OFC communication between system and VDU.

Similarly, High Availability Single Section Digital Axle Counter (HASSDAC), another modern technology being used to improve the punctuality of trains and reduces the detention of trains. East Coast Railway has converted the Down Last Vehicle Checking Device (LVCD) in to High Availability Single Section Digital Axle Counter (HASSDAC) between Kapilas Road and Byree Stations which will improve the reliability.

This system having two numbers of SSDAC and provision of Automatic Resetting System during failure of one system one SSDAC fails, other SSDAC resets the failed SSDAC system. So, during the failure of one system the other system continue to works. This has been done in house by the signal department of Khurda Road Division.

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