East Coast Railway sets record in freight loading, check details

Bhubaneswar: East Coast Railway (ECoR) has set a new record during 2022-23 financial year by loading 200.43 million tons of freight from its jurisdiction in just 310 Days of the current Financial Year, i.e.; before 55 Days to end of the current fiscal. In 2021-22 financial year, this Railway had achieved this figure in 320 Days, followed by 360 Days in 2020-21 and 366 Days in 2019-20 financial year.

From the earning side, ECoR has earned rupees 20635 Crores from freight during the above period in 2022-23 financial year as against Rupees 19204 crores in the last financial year with an increase of 7.5%.

East Coast Railway achieved this milestone despite many challenges and Adverse Effect on loading and train operations. Surpassing the 200 MT loading has been achieved due to focus on innovative steps and key interventions by Railway Ministry which helped to get it on to the fast-track.

During the period, ECoR carried 126.18MT of Coal, 20.22 MT of Iron Ore, 18.16MT of Other Materials, 15.74MT of Finished Steel, 6.27MT of Raw Materials to Steel Plants, 5.11MT of Fertilizer, 3.17MT in Container, 2.37MT of mineral Oil, 2.13MT of Food Grains and 1.09MT of Cement. Khurda Road Division has carried 129.93MT of freight during the period. Similarly, Waltair Division has carried 57.03MT and Sambalpur Division has carried 13.47MT of freight during the period.

General Manager of East Coast Railway Manoj Sharma gave full credit for this achievement to its hardworking and dedicated staff in all its three Divisions. Special mention to be made regarding the efforts and cooperation from all stakeholders including Collieries, Ports, Steel Plants, Cement, Alumina Plants, Petroleum Companies, and Food Corporation of India.

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