E-waste collection in Bhubaneswar begins

Bhubaneswar: State capital goes accumulating electronic waste (E-waste) through the door-to-door collection. Going beyond the segregation of dry and wet waste the city authority is further devising segregation E-waste. The move has started today in three selective wards coming under three administrative zones of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC).

The campaign cum collection started at 10 AM in Gajapati Nagar area of ward number 12 under north zone. Team BMC and Swachha sathis of the area went on a campaign abiding Covid appropriate behaviour. Team members visited door to door of the area and oriented residents about disposing of E-waste to safaiwalas of their area and not to throw it outside. Some residents handed over their E waste like cords, computer switchboards, broken parts of mobile phones and remotes etc. Safai karmacharis in the team collected the waste and kept in the dedicated vehicle (Safeigadi) moved during the collection.

Same initiative has been started in the two other wards of BMC. Following ward number 12 team BMC started collecting E-waste in Govt quarter area of ward number 29 under South East zone. In unit 8 govt, quarter area and Satabdi Nagar of ward 48 under South-West zone Swachha Sathis and Safai Karmacahris went on approaching residents to collect E-waste.

E-waste is a particular type of waste being generated day by day as we become dependent on electronic goods. Throwing out damaged electronic apparatus, accessories and items is also harmful for society and it causes many health hazards. Hence an organized way of collecting these items has been started by BMC today; told Additional Commissioner, Laxmikanta Sethi.

Waste materials collected will be deposited in a specified area called E-waste corner in three different Material Recovery Facilities (MRF). The stock items then will be handed over to E-waste collectors of the city as recommended by the Pollution Control Board (PCB), told Suvendu Kumar Sahoo, Deputy Commissioner Health and Sanitation. Initially, the initiative will start in 10 wards where BMC is directly managing sanitation activities. Very soon it will be extended to other wards for a greater way of processing of the E-waste, he added. He also sought cooperation of citizens to be smart enough for an organized disposal of Ewaste in the temple city.

Meanwhile, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has started its segregated waste collection initiatives.

Making 16 numbers of Micro Composting Centres (MCC) functional in different wards of its three administrative zones. Presently on an average three to four tons of waste is being processed in each MCC per day although the capacity of most of the MCC is 5TPD. Hence waste collection of 16 functional MCCs is about 60 to 70 TPD per day.

Out of 16 functional MCCs four are in South West Zone serving ward numbers like 22 & 24, 47 & 48, 51, 46 & 52 and 62 & 63; in North Zone there are four MCCs serving the wards like 3, 8 & 13, 12 & 17 and 18 & 19; in South East Zone the seven functional MCCs are serving for wards like 28 & 29, 32 & 33, 35, 36, 44, 56 & 57 and 58. Partitioned waste collection vehicles branded as ‘Safeigadi’ are moving around the wards cited in morning hours to collect waste. Swachhau Sathis are engaged who do mobilisation through jingles played in public address system of each vehicle along with community counselling.

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