Driver killed, helper critical in collision between two trucks in Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal: At least one persons was killed and an equal number sustained critical injuries after two trucks crashed head-on near Bhutia petrol pump on NH-149 in Dhenkanal district today.

The deceased and injured have been identified as Sunaram Munda and Prabhat Munda, the driver and helper of one of the truck involved in the crash, respectively.

The accident took place this morning while Sunaram was en-route to Dhenkanal driving his truck along with Prabhat. Right in front of the Bhutia petrol pump another truck which was coming from the opposite direction lost control over the wheels and ended up dashing against Sunaram’s truck.

The impact of the collision was so intense that both the victim driver and helper remained trapped inside the mangled trucks.

Dadaraghati Police rescued the duo from the trucks later and admitted to Talcher-Mandapal Hospital but till then Sunaram had succumbed.

The mangled trucks had been seized by police following lodging of a case.

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